Collective CBRN Protection



Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN/NBC)Systems

MFB-080 :An over pressure collective protection CBRN system for military shelters. Unit has an 80 m³/hour capacity and comes with an Alarm kit /Pressure indicator and over pressure relief valve.

The unit has passed the entire range of relevant Mil-STD-810 G and Mil-STD-461 requirements.

Chemical Biological Ridaological Nuclear (CBRN/NBC) Systems for Naval Applications

● MFK-300 CNRN Filter :NATO radial flow combination filter, manufactured by MAKEL Technology has been tested and certified in accordance with STANAG 4447 by
TNO-Proqares /Netherlands.
The latest NATO requirements that are documented and implemented ensures filtration of known chemical and biological warfare agents, as well as many Toxic Industrial Chemical (TICs).
Technical Specifications
Filter airflow rate : 300 m3/hr.
Dimensions : Diameter 544,3 mm / Height 268,8 mm

MFB-1200 : MFB-1200 Collective Protection Filtration Unit for Naval and Building applications :

The housing of the unit shown here has the incremental capacity of  1200 m3/hr and could be manufactured to fit various locations.  The unit has the following options:

  1. MFB-2400 (2400 m3/hr)
  2. MFB-0600 (600 m3/hr)
  3. MFB-1800 (1800 m3/hr)
  4. MFB-0300 (300 m3/hr)

A complete range of CBRN protection equipment for individual protection against CBRN agents

MFM-040 :A CBRN unit for mask applications in military vehicles for up to 8 people, comes with mask heaters, hoses and gas masks.  Flexible design enables it to fit to small and difficult envelopes.  The air quantity is 40 m3/hr.


A complete range of CBRN protection equipment for collective protection (CP) system design

MFB-170 : An over pressure collective protection CBRN system for military vehicles with 170 m³ / hour capacity.  Comes with Alarm kit /Pressure indicator and Over Pressure Relief Valve.