Environmental Control Units



Environmental Units

MKA-1010 : A vehicle air conditioner with 10 kW (34000 Btu/hr) cooling and heating capacity.  Can be made to fit according to vehicle internal space.

MKA-1203 : A vehicle environmental control unit with 12 kW (41000 Btu/hr) cooling capacity which works together with a gas burner heater (Webasto).  The unit controls the vehicle internal environment automatically.

MKS-1801 : For standard Nato level shelters this air conditioner with 18000 Btu/hr (5.5 kW) capacity advised.  It also incorporates an electric heater with necessary controls.  The dimensions are optimized to fit 2 ACU units and 1 MFB-080 NBC unit on a shelter wall.

MKS-2401 : A Shelter environmental control unit with 24000 Btu/hr cooling capacity which works.

MKR-0080R : A cooling system for Rack cabin 0,8 kW cooling capacity which works.