Military Vehicles



Life Support Systems

● AZM-04-1240 :Manufactured to combine an individual CBRN Unit with a 9 kW Auxiliary Power Unit and a 12 kW (41000 Btu/hr) Environmental Control Unit. The AZM04-1240 has been manufactured for the Turkish Military. It is fully tested according to MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461E standards in independent testing houses.

A complete range of CBRN protection equipment for collective protection (CP) system design

MFB-170 : An over pressure collective protection CBRN system for military vehicles with 170 m³ / hour capacity.  Comes with Alarm kit /Pressure indicator and Over Pressure Relief Valve.

A complete range of CBRN protection equipment for individual protection against CBRN agents

MFM-040 :A CBRN unit for mask applications in military vehicles for up to 8 people, comes with mask heaters, hoses and gas masks.  Flexible design enables it to fit to small and difficult envelopes.  The air quantity is 40 m3/hr.



Environmental Control Units

MKA-1010 : A vehicle air conditioner with 10 kW (34000 Btu/hr) cooling and heating capacity.  Can be made to fit according to vehicle internal space.


MKA-1203 :A vehicle environmental control unit with 12 kW (41000 Btu/hr) cooling capacity which works together with a gas burner heater (Webasto).  The unit controls the vehicle internal environment automatically.


Auxiliary Power Units

AZM-04 : The unit runs Makel’s own alternator in order to produce 300 Amps at 28 VDC at 3000 meters.  Engines can be switched according to needs.  The permanent magnet alternator has a field coil thus enabling very low tolerances for regulation.  Unit has been tested according to Military 810G.

MYG-04 : The unit combines two alternators which are belt driven and Makel’s own production permanent magnet direct drive alternator.  The unit produces 80 A 56 VDC and 150 A 28 DC at 3000 meters.  Unit has been tested according to Military 810G.  Instead of the 56 VDC an AC Compressor type TM31 or TM21 can be used to drive an ECU as well.